In the name of God

Grand Ayatollah Seyed Reza Hosseini Nassab, date of birth: 1959, has been studying and teaching at Qum Seminary , which is one of the greatest Universities of Shia Islam (1976-1991).

In 1991 ,.after accomplishment of three scientific thesis in Islamic Jurisprudence, Astronomy and acknowledgment of Shia faith, he received Professorship Certificate and his educational document which is equal to doctorate degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Ijtehad, from the Management Center of Qum Seminary.


His Islamic education period is divided to three stages:

A- Two years primary Hawza education in Yazd theology center, from 1974-1976 , includes following subjects:

1. Arabic literature.

2. Logic.

B- Seven years General education in Qom seminary , from 1976-1983, includes following subjects:

1. Jurisprudence ( includes: Al-Makaseb, and Lom'a).

2.Principles of Jurisprudence (includes: Ma'alemol ossul. Ossulol Fighh, Al-kefayeh, Al-rasael).

3.Speculative theology (includes: Babolhadiashr,Tajridol-eteghad).

4.Interpretation of Qur'an ( includes: Al-mizan, Majma'olbayan and Nourol Saghalein) .

5.Arabic Language Literature.

6.Logic (including: Al-hashia and Al-mantegh).

C- Eight years Specialized Courses (1983-1991) in Qom seminary, includes following subjects.

l. Philosophy (includes: Avesinas' Al-esharat, our Philosophy, Al-Asfa'r, Badayatolhekma and Al-manzoumah).

2. Specialized Jurisprudence (includes: Javaherolkalam,Al-mostamsak, Alnahaya Al-khelaf , Al-moghneah and Al-estebsar).

3. Specialized principles of Jurisprudence (includes : Al-ossul and Ajvadoltaghrirat).

4. Science of tradition ( includes: Al-darayeh, Rejalolnajashi and Al-fehrest).

5. Astronomy .

His Great Teachers:

His most famous teachers in Qom Seminary were: Grand Ayatollahs:
Mohammad Taghi Bahjat
Mohammad Fazel Lankarani
Hasanzadeh Amoli
Hossein Ali Montazeri

Teaching at Qum Seminary

He also has been teaching the following subjects at Qum Seminary for 15 years :

1- Islamic Philosophy ( including Al-esharat).

2.Principles of Jurisprudence (including Ossulol feqh , Al-rasael and

Al-kefayeh ).

3.Arabic Literature (including Al-moghni and Al-bahja).

Teaching at Islamic Academy of Germany

Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab has been teaching for two years the following subjects at the Islamic academy of Germany located at Hamburg :

l. Islamic Philosophy (including Phalsaphatona and Dorousol-phalsafa).

2. Interpretation of Qur'an (includes: Al-tamhid and Al-mizan).

3. Islamic Jurisprudence rules (includes: Al-ghavaedol-feghhia).


Grand Ayatollah Hosseini Nassab has written more than 140 books, including the following publications:

1. Manzoumeh - in Arabic Language, includes an accomplished versified Islamic jurisprudence.

2. Menschwerdung- in German Language, includes principles of ethics in Islam.

3. Osul Al-Din, in Arabic.

4. The Prophet - in Farsi, includes a versified beginning history of Islam.

5. Worship (bow down)- in Farsi, includes prayer and worship precepts.

6. Astronomy - in Arabic, includes: precept of timing and Qiblah (point to which prayers are directed) in Islam.

7. The ruined treasuries -in Farsi, includes: cultural, historical and ancient Impressions.

8. The Shia Responds, in English.

9. Tauzihul Masail.

10. Al- Ahkam (in Arabic).

11. Ilm Al- Rejal (in Arabic).

12. Al- Qawa'id Al- Fighia.

13. Ma'arifatul-Nafs.

14. Teaching philosophy.

15. Tafsir Al-Hamd.

16. Parsayan (in Farsi).

17. Ilmul Akhlaq (in Arabic).

18. Religion and Politics.

19. Maqalat (in Farsi).

20. Shahedan (in Farsi).

21. Osule Din, in Farsi.

22. Shia Pasokh Midahad, in Farsi.

23. Keshwar Dari, in Farsi.

24. Harakat Jouhari, in Farsi.

25. Ensan Shenasi, in Farsi.

26.Shohud Yahwah, in Arabic.

27. Manasek, in Farsi.

28. Rights of Women – in Farsi

29. The youths – in Farsi

30. Al-Shabab – in Arabic

31. Imam Hosseini

32. Hoquq al- Nisa - in Arabic

33. Islam and Asriat - in Farsi

34. Al- Modiriat - in Arabic

35. Poetry - in Farsi

36. Erfan

37. Osul Al-Din

38. Pishwayan - in farsi

39. Social Ethics

40. Manteq (Logic)

41. Manasek in Aranic

42. Islamic Laws

43. Hajj Rituals in English

44. Al- Qamar Al- Bazigh in Arabic

45. About Satan

46. Noktaha Irfani in Farsi

47. Al-Manteq Al-Suri in Arabic

48. Taqrirat in Farsi

49. Al-Sojoud in Arabic

50. Ma'ad in Farsi


Some of the achievements of

Grand Ayatollah Hoseini Nassab:

1- Founding Islamic Academy of Deutschland in Hamburg (Germany).

2- Founding Islamic cultural Center in Berlin (Germany).

3- Founding Islamic Center of Vali-E-Asr in Toronto (Canada).

4- To encourage the Lebanese Community to Found Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center in Ottawa (Canada).

5- Founding Imam Mahdi Center in Wendsor (Canada).

6- To cooperate with other Islamic centers to establish the “Schura”(the council of Muslim communities in Hamburg (Germany).

7- Founding Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada.

8- To establish Research Service Section of the Islamic propagation

Office in Qom (Iran).

9- Founding Islamic Academy in Munich (Germany).

10- Founding Islamic Academy inCologne (Germany).

11- Founding the Council of Religions in Hamburg.

12-Founding the Islamic Scientific Studies in Canada.

13-Founding teh "Fadak" Organization in Hamburg.

14- To cooperate with other Moslims to establish the Islamic Culture

Centre in Switzerland.

15- Founding the Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Germany.


16- To cooperate with other Moslims to establish the Imam Mahdi

Islamic Centre in Toronto - Canada.


17- Founding the Islamic Centre in Frankfurt - Germany.


18- Founding the Darul Aytam (House of Orphans) in Canada.


19- Establishment of Qasem ibn Al-Hassab's Foundation in Iran.


Scientific certificates