Some of the achievements of

Grand Ayatollah Hoseini Nassab:


1- Founding Islamic Academy of Deutschland in Hamburg (Germany).


2- Imam Ali Masjid in Ottawa, Canada.


3- Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre in Toronto - Canada.


4- Islamic cultural Center in Berlin (Germany).


5- Islamic Center of Vali-E-Asr in Toronto (Canada).


6- Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center in Ottawa (Canada).

7- Imam Mahdi Center in Wendsor (Canada).


8- “Schura”(the council of Muslim communities in Hamburg (Germany).


9- Islamic Shia (Ahlul Bayt) Assembly of Canada.


10- Research Service Section of the Islamic propagation

Office in Qom (Iran).


11- Founding Islamic Academy in Munich (Germany).

12- Founding Islamic Academy inCologne (Germany).

13- Founding the Council of Religions in Hamburg.


14-Founding the Islamic Scientific Studies in Canada.


15-Founding teh "Fadak" Organization in Hamburg.


16- To cooperate with other Moslims to establish the Islamic Culture

Centre in Switzerland.


17- Founding the Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Germany.


18- Founding the Islamic Centre in Frankfurt - Germany.


19- Founding the Darul Aytam (House of Orphans) in Canada.


20- Establishment of Qasem ibn Al-Hassab's Foundation in Iran.